Partner with Us

Phone Halo is working with consumer brands to bring item-tracking technology to their products or enable them to create brand new products.  We are actively working with companies that span a wide variety of consumer products, including consumer electronics companies, luggage manufacturers and others to embed the Phone Halo item-tracking software solutions into their products.

For consumer electronics companies, Phone Halo has enabled its partners to enter a brand new market segment. Phone Halo is also enabling several handbag and luggage manufacturers to embed item-tracking solutions into their products, thereby distinguishing their offerings from competitors. With an embedded item tracking solution in a suitcase or handbag, the customer can rest assured that they won’t lose their valuables.


Enhance Customer Relationships

Many companies’ products are sold, registration cards are sent, and that’s it.  In many cases, a small fraction of the consumers fill out the cards.  What does this mean to the company?  They have no ongoing relationship with their end customer.

With Phone Halo item-tracking technology integrated or embedded in a company’s products, the activation of the online application provides a direct link from the end consumer to the company.  This not only allows the company to best serve the consumer (with Phone Halo’s help) but also offers that company an ideal platform to continue to market, building a long lasting relationship.


The Phone Halo software is technology agnostic, meaning that the ecosystem can expand to include many different wireless technologies.  Today’s patent-pending solutions are built on existing wireless Bluetooth standards including the much-touted Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE.  BLE is a feature of the Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth SMART wireless radio technology with a primary focus on low-power and low-latency applications.

As the figure below shows, technologies like Bluetooth 4.0 have a sufficiently small physical footprint and an efficient power requirements allowing for the Phone Halo solutions to be easily integrated into a wide variety of products.


Partnering with Phone Halo

We license our proximity-tracking Software and Hardware devices to OEM partners to give your brand the power to wirelessly track and interact with your customer’s items.

Time To Market:  We know and understand mobile strategies and the technologies required for proper implementation in a timely manner.  Our OEM partners require detailed development strategies delivered on time and on budget.

Cost Effective:  Our goal is to maximize the ROI of your product.  Let us know your budget, and we will provide the right strategy and team from development to launch.

Support:  Phone Halo client services are world class.  We will walk you through from your initial idea to the delivery and launch of your product.  From custom software to the hardware connectivity, our support team is dedicated to your success.