Phone Halo is the leading developer of item tracking software for Bluetooth devices. We partner with OEM manufacturers to produce ‘tags’ that can be attached to valuable items and tracked with a smartphone application. Phone Halo also develops software and smartphone apps to track many of the 6 billion Bluetooth connected devices like iPads, Laptops, and headsets.

How it Works

Phone Halo has developed a comprehensive cloud-based ecosystem, providing solutions to track and locate your belongings.  It begins with a smartphone application that senses the wireless signal coming from any Bluetooth device, such as a headset, laptop or car, as well as the wireless signal from any item with integrated Phone Halo licensed technology.  With the easy-to-use smartphone application, users can conveniently and simply locate all of their lost and misplaced belongings.

Phone Halo has created the necessary technology to enable manufactures and brands to create wireless tags that can be attached to existing products (e.g. adding a tag to a set of keys) or to integrate this technology directly into the product.  For example, consumer product manufacturers could embed the Phone Halo technology into the handle of a suitcase, a toolbox, or seamlessly embed it in a purse or wallet.

All items being tracked by Phone Halo’s software are constantly recording their GPS position and submitting this information to our cloud platform, a key component in the company’s precision tracking technology.  From the Phone Halo web portal, users can locate and manage all of their valuable items.

The Vision

In the near future, software will keep track of our valuable items for us.  By creating software to track existing wireless items and by working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and established brands to create low power tags to track everyday items, Phone Halo is the first company to begin to realize that future.  Today, more and more items are being created with built-in wireless connectivity, and with the advent of Bluetooth Low Energy technology, manufacturers are creating low-cost, low-power wirelessly enabled products.  Phone Halo has unparalleled expertise in Bluetooth software and hardware technology and smartphone applications and has established itself as the “go-to” partner for OEM companies entering the item tracking market.